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Reference log of all the website changes within the ‘Zorf’ brand.


Explicit songs on ZorfMusic.uk and (resolved 13th December) age restricted movie trailers on ZorfMovie.uk will require member login/registration to access those specific posts. This feature will be implemented in the very near future to protect minors from viewing inappropriate content. It is being treated as urgent. Members will be able to opt-in to remaining signed-in so that login isn’t required on every site visit. NOTE: ZorfMusic is secure with an SSL certificate providing peace of mind regarding  personal information. When ZorfMovie.uk goes live it will also have an SSL certificate. Privacy and Security are a top priority.

11th January 2018

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • White shadow added to homepage search box.
  • Added more country music artists/videos to library
  • Created a custom “country music” menu of artists on the sidebar of Country Music songs.
  • Created a “Relationship Break-Ups” Playlist

10th January 2018

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • Moved ‘Genre’ link from ‘Main Menu’ to sidebar.
  • Created custom ‘Kids’ sidebar for kids music videos.
  • Replaced broken Tangled “When Will My Life Begin” video with active replacement.
  • Updated song information and purchase links on ‘Kids’ music video pages.
  • Moved ‘Most Shared’ songs to the front page and ‘Popular Songs’ to sidebar.
  • Moved some sidebar content to footer of the website.
  • Added three ‘Related Songs’ to the sidebar whilst also having more available on main music video pages.
  • Link to full song list removed from sidebar though remains on main menu.

8th January 2018

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • Added a selection of country music videos to the library.
  • Added more ‘One Direction’ songs to the library.
  • Updated ‘Editors Choice’ with more song recommendations.
  • Added Social Media Sharing Capability.
  • Reduced spacing between main menu links.
  • Added Visitor Review Ratings for all music videos.
  • ‘Most Shared’ and ‘Highest Rated’ songs lists added to sidebar.
  • Created Zorf Music Facebook page.

7th January 2018

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • Added artist info on numerous artist tag pages.
  • Created custom tags for improved functionality.
  • New Releases added to main menu.
  • Moved ‘About’ page from main menu to the top menu bar.
  • Change-log page moved from zorf.co.uk to zorfmusic.uk and displayed in top menu

6th January 2018

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • Added a few country music artists to the website.
  • Added song information to some existing music videos.
  • Purchase links added to some music video pages for relevant products on the Amazon store.
  • Problem discovered with Little Mix songs not displaying ‘Related Songs’ at the bottom of the respective page (currently unresolved)
  • Changed the order of content within the sidebar.
  • Found an ‘unavailable’ error with Eminem “Walk on Water” video. Problem has been fixed by replacing the video with the official released version.

5th January 2018

Affected website/s: zorfmovie.uk

  • Moved the movie trailer website from promovies.uk to zorfmovie.uk
  • Added a synopsis to every movie trailer
  • Included release date and age rating information within the movie trailer pages
  • Underneath the movie trailers Purchase headings have been added along with links to the relevant Amazon store page.
  • ‘The Revenant’ Movie Trailer added to library.

Affected website/s: zorfmovie.uk, zorfmusic.uk, kids.zorfmusic.uk

  • Links to each of the various websites placed in top menu bar on each website.

Affected website/s: kids.zorfmusic.uk

  • Home link placed on Menu bar to return visitors to the main zorfmusic.uk website.

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • Resolved an issue with the advertisement alongside the website logo displaying excess space before the border.

4th January 2018

Affected website/s: kids.zorfmusic.uk

  • Created a subdomain from zorfmusic.uk dedicated to ‘kids’ music videos
  • Added a lot of music videos from movies such as Trolls, Frozen and Shrek ect.

3rd January 2018

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • Added Robbie Williams “Love My Life” and Ed Sheeran “Save Myself” to the library.
  • Included ‘Kids’ music videos from animated movies.


15th December 2017

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

Affected website/s: zorfmovie.uk (currently promovies.uk) *ZorfMovie is still under development*

  • Added ‘The Hunger Games’ film series movie trailers to the library of trailers.
  • Included ‘Recently Added’ section to the homepage
  • Image/Links implemented on the sidebar to other Zorf websites.
  • Full Movie List page created.

 14th December 2017

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk & zorfcountry.uk

  • ZorfMedia.uk image/link included on sidebar to advertise the web-design business.

13th December 2017

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • Age restrictions have been implemented on songs containing ‘explicit’ lyrics, preventing minors from accessing the songs.

Affected website/s: zorfcountry.uk

  • Included a ‘Recently Added’ section to the homepage.
  • Rascal Flatts artist/band songs added.
  • Fixed broken link in the ‘Full Song List’ sidebar feature.
  • Resolved artist portfolio photos incorrect size dimensions.

10th December 2017

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk & zorfcountry.uk

  • A crossover ‘Feed’ has been added sharing “Editors Choice” songs from the sister website onto the current website sidebar. Thus providing recommended songs between websites.
  • Videos now have ‘shadow’ borders to make them more prominent and visually appealing on pages.
  • ZorfCountry.uk design has changed to match ZorfMusic.uk style for improved continuity between websites.
  • Member accounts and change-log added to the menu at the top of the websites.

9th December 2017

Affected website/s: zorfcountry.uk, zorfmovie.uk, zorfmedia.uk & zorfstore.uk

  • More Zorf domains registered to compliment the growing brand within a variety of categories including business and entertainment for current and future expansion.
  • InstantCountry.com changed to ZorfCountry.uk, redirects have been implemented.
  • ProMovies.uk changed to ZorfMovie.uk, redirects have been implemented.
  • Work started on the design of ZorfMedia.uk business website.

8th December 2017

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • Many more songs/artists added to the library.
  • Recommended artists list in the sidebar increased with more artists.

4th December 2017

Affected website/s: zorfmusic.uk

  • Christmas songs added to the library and ‘featured’ on the homepage.

28th November 2017

Affected website/s: previously instantcountry.com now: zorfcountry.uk

  • Feature to provide viewers with the option to ‘favorite’ songs has been implemented. Users favorite list appears in the sidebar for quick access.
  • More songs/artists added to the library.
  • Popular most played songs list added to the sidebar.